Happy Chinese New Year 2016
February 7, 2016

Sound of Steins Gate


With fascinating stories get a lot of popularity, “Stone of Destiny’s Gate” has been adapted into animated version, later launched more than theatrical animation and derivative works of the game last year, also launched sequel “Fate on PS3, PS4, PSV platform stone gate 0, “sales performance is ideal.

In addition to the successful work of the picture and screenplay, music also contributed recently, 5pb official website announced the launch of “Sound of Destiny’s Gate” series soundtrack complete Box on March 2, 2016.

Entitled “The Sound of STEINS; GATE soul” music package, including a total of seven CD and a DVD, such a large lineup of production, content covers the original game and so far launched BGM remixes and character song, in addition to a collection of Ture End new song “GATE oF STEINER”, and inserted before unpublished song “Star played song,” more than 100 the total number of tracks, playing time reached 1000 minutes!

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